Smoke-Free Eating in Jersey

It is now illegal for anyone to smoke in any restaurant, or other enclosed workplace, in Jersey. The new law came into effect on January 2nd 2007.

The list of smoke-free restaurants shown here is now redundant. It will remain here for some time to let people know which of them chose to go smoke-free before they were compelled to do so by the new law.

Some of the menus shown here have not been updated for over three years. They should be regarded as examples as the content and prices could have changed by now. A few of the restaurants will have closed by now and others have changed ownership. Where the link is to the web site of the particular restaurant those are likely to be more accurate.

Draft version of the new law.


The new law only bans smoking in enclosed spaces. Those who still wish to smoke will be able to do so outside.

Some restaurants do provide tables in outside areas where smoking will still be permitted. Those people who need to be in total isolation from smoke might wish to avoid some of them, especially during the summer, when doors and windows are left open. You could find yourself sitting next to an open window where there is a smoker immediately outside.


St. Brelade

Atlantic Hotel, Le Monte de la Pulente, phone 744101, Web Site

The Boat House, St. Aubin, phone 744226, Web Site

Brasserie, Hotel l'Horizon, St. Brelade's Bay, phone 743101, Web Site

Chateau Valeuse, La Rue de la Valeuse, St. Brelade's Bay, phone 746281, Web Site

Corbiere Phare (The Lighthouse), La Rue de la Corbiere, phone 746127, Web Site

Harbour View, Le Boulevard, St. Aubin's Harbour, phone 741585, Web Site

Hotel La Place, Route du Coin, La Haule, phone 744261, Web Site

Old Smugglers Inn, Le Mont du Ouaisne, phone 741510, Web Site

Poplars Tea Room, Route de la Moie, (10 am to 5 pm, Closed Tuesdays), phone 742184, Web Site
Open in 2023 from March 15th to September 24th. 
Photos taken at the Poplars in 2018 and 2019

Salty Dog Bar and Bistro, Le Boulevard, St. Aubin's Village, phone 742760, Web Site.

St. Brelade's Bay Hotel, St. Brelade's Bay, phone 746141, Web Site.

The Tree House, La Marquanderie Hill, - Now closed

Wayside Cafe, Le Mont Sohier, - Now closed


St. Clement

Shakespeare Hotel, La Grande Route de la Cote, phone 851915



Village Bistro, Gorey Village Main Road, phone 853429


St. Helier

Atlantique Seafood Bar, 9-10 West Centre, Bath Street, phone 720052
Renamed as SOY Seafood & Sushi Bar, Web Site

Brasserie at de Gruchy, King St., phone 818738, Web Site

Cafe des Artistes, Voisins Department Store, King Street, phone 639990

Cafe Jac, Jersey Arts Centre, Phillips Street, phone 879482, Menu

Cafe Marche, Grande Marche Superstore, La Rue le Masurier, phone 510316

Chinese Whispers, 8 Cheapside, phone 888214

Elizabeth Castle Cafe, phone 871886

Harvest Barn, La Vallee des Vaux. - Now closed

Jersey Milk Cafe, Central Market

La Fregate Cafe, Les Jardins de la Mer, phone 733488

Mano's Bistro, 5/6 West Centre, phone 727729

Mary Rose Restaurant, 46 Bath Street. - Now closed

Museum Brasserie, The Weighbridge, phone 510069

Piaf, Fish Market

Pinocchio Restaurant, La Route de St. Aubin, (open evenings Tuesday to Sunday and Sunday Lunch) phone 871744, Menu

Pizzeria Romana, 17 Charing Cross, phone 618347

Tanner's Tea Room, 51 & 90 Central Market, phone 723370


St. John

Les Fontaines Tavern, La Route du Nord, phone 862707, Web Site,


St. Lawrence

Waves by the Sea, Victoria House, Victoria Avenue, Bel Royal, phone 280161, Menu
(Closed on Mondays)


St. Martin

The Dolphin Hotel and Restaurant, Gorey Pier, phone 853370, Web Site and Lunch Menu

The Gardener's Tearoom, Ransom's Garden Centre, La Grande Route de Faldouet, phone 853668, Menu

Feast, 10-11 Gorey Pier, phone 611118, Web Site
Formerly Maxey's Brasserie


St. Ouen

Jersey Pearl, Five Mile Road, St. Ouen, phone 862137, Web site, Menu

The Snow Goose, La Grande Route de St. Ouen - Now closed


St. Peter

Bay Tree Restaurant, St. Peter's Garden Centre, L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II, phone 498259, Web Site, Menu

Cheffins, Formerly at St. Aubin. Now at The Beaumont Inn, La Route de la Haule, phone 722477, Web Site

El Tico, La Grande Route des Mielles, phone 482649, Menu

Greenhills Country Hotel, Mont de l'Ecole, phone 481042, Web Site

Les Ormes, Le Mont a la Brune, phone 497010, Web Site

Rocco's, Les Mielles Golf & Country Club, St. Ouen's Bay, phone 484278, Menu

Sands, (formerly Big Verns Diner), La Grande Route des Mielles, Menu and Photos (From a few years ago)

Watersplash, La Grande Route des Mielles, phone 482885, Web Site

The Windmill Restaurant, Les Chenolles, phone 483888



Cafe Dodo, Jersey Zoo, La Profonde Rue, phone 864169

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