The Poplars Tea Room, St Brelade, Jersey, C.I.

The Poplars is expertly run by Ken, Sue and Gill.

There is plenty of parking space. My car is the red one on the right.

From the car park we walk into the garden where there are tables for those who want to sit outside.

The path leads us to the front door.

Once inside we see the kitchen door and the tables. It was 10 am so there was only one customer waiting for his breakfast.

The boards list the specials and soups.

The pastries and cakes are kept safely under glass. The fruit tarts are excellent.

My mother's favourite lunch is the crab sandwich and mine is the crab salad. That is the small salad as the large one is too much for me.

The "Light Bites" part of the menu offers slightly smaller portions. The Avocado and Prawn Salad is always excellent. The Homity Pie, with salad, is a very nice vegetarian choice which I also enjoy.

They bake their own bread which is always nice. I also enjoy a cup of black coffee.

My mother usually eats half of her sandwich and takes the rest home for later. We also take home some pastries in one of their special boxes.

We took home a strawberry tart, a cherry tart and an apple tart. The cherry tart on the plate did not last for long and it was delicious.

Poplars Tea Room, Web Site. The web site links to their menu.